Marching into March

Marvellous March continues

Dear shoppers, don’t forget that our marvellous March promotion is running all month. All you have to do is shop at Cambridge Markets EQ on a Saturday and enter your receipt into our draw to win a $200 shopping experience at the market. We’re giving away five over the course of the month so don’t miss your chance to win. There’s a bonanza of wonderful things to pick up with your winnings — good luck!

Calling for stalls now!

Our EQ markets are set to get busy over April and we’re calling for local, sustainable and ethical producers to join us at Moore Park. The bustling Easter period is an opportunity for stallholders to promote their business to thousands of locals and visitors and make a difference to the community. We are seeking farmers, local producers and quality hot food vendors to join the boutique market every Wednesday and Saturday from April 13.

Fruity Autumn

IMG_5212 3.jpg

Autumn is a great time for fruit, and the markets are brimming with sweet goodness.

The pome fruits are ripening, so we’re seeing Nashi pears in abundance. “They’re wonderful in a salad, as well as just eating on their own for hydration,” says stall-holder John from The Regional Store. Valencia oranges are in, grapes are back and apples are coming into season too. Granny Smiths are a popular market pick at this time of year and so too are John’s “sensational” Ballarat apples. Summer’s peaches are coming to an end, but if you get in quick, you’ll snag the last of the season.

On the vegetable side, baby yellow squash and green Aussie squash are a wonderful seasonal pick. For spruced-up salads, look to the crunchy sugar snap peas and snow peas, as well as easy-to-roast root vegetables like pumpkins and potatoes. John suggests trying hassleback pumpkins with molasses and honey for a deliciously sweet Autumn treat.

Thanks to John from The Regional Store for the update. Visit his 100% organic stall and pick his recipe-brimming brain every Wednesday and some Saturdays at Moore Park’s Entertainment Quarter.

Bellamy and Co.jpg

Welcome Bellamy and Co to Cambridge Markets EQ

Rob and partner Sammy, the couple behind Bellamy and Co, are the markets’ new kids on the block, serving up platefuls of Greek-inspired specialties. Focussing on quality ingredients cooked with style, Mediterranean food enthusiasts need to look no further than this power couple. Find everything from piled-high nourish bowls to marinated meats with tangy, Indian dressings, hot and ready to go.

We sat down with Rob to find out the true winner on his menu and what inspired him to create Greek food with none of the boring clichés.

  1. Rob, tell us a bit about your stall and what’s special about your food?

At the Bellamy and Co stall, my partner Sammy and I serve healthy, fresh Mediterranean food with a modern twist. The basis is Greek, but we combine flavours from all over the world for a modern take on Greek classics. One of our dishes, “The Millennial”, combines everything the Millennial generation went crazy for, and the food that became trendy to eat — haloumi, chorizo, hummus and smashed avocado — it’s Greek food, just updated. That’s what makes us stand out from traditional Greek souvlaki restaurants, their traditions go back many, many years, but you can create amazing flavours by adding different ingredients from around the world. The produce we use is of a very high standard, we use award-winning chorizo, probably the best tasting haloumi in Australia, free range chicken etc. When you’re using top quality ingredients, the rest becomes simple, it’s just about creating amazing and unexpected combinations. One of my favourite dishes is the "Hello-me Souvlaki”, which is grilled haloumi with a watermelon, capsicum and mint salsa - the sweetness of the watermelon and the freshness of the mint really cuts through the saltiness of the haloumi and works so well.

2. What’s the hero on your menu?

The most popular dish on our menu is “The Spartan”, which is lamb marinated in our secret spices, served with tomato, onion, feta and cucumber, then drizzled with a mint and coriander yoghurt, which is inspired from Indian cuisine, but works really well with the lamb spices. The Spartan is my favourite dish, but Sammy would always choose “The Goods”, which is marinated chicken, ricotta, roasted capsicum with the mint and coriander yoghurt.

3. What inspired you to start making Mediterranean food?

I trained in classical French cookery 15 years ago, and worked in fine dining restaurants, 5-star hotels, private golf clubs etc. I think it’s important for every chef to create their own style of cooking, and Mediterranean food has always been my go to – it’s so fresh, healthy and delicious. I also really love the way the Spanish order food for the table - everyone shares plates and enjoys a glass of wine, the food becomes the forefront of conversation, and you engage with the people you’re dining with. When I open a restaurant it will definitely be tapas style service.

Find Bellamy and Co among the food vendors at the Cambridge Markets EQ, every Wednesday and Saturday.